Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Movie review

I knew from the beginning that this movie is going to be really hard and really difficult to understand; I was psyched to watch it though so i watched the movie with my father ( another movie fan ) and prayed to god that the movie is not going to be boring. Fifteen minutes into the movie I was interested and not bored, even though I didn’t understand everything completely.The movie is so interesting and it is so well shot that you never get bored of it, but again you may not understand all the details of the mystery and the clues.

The main concept is easy to understand, it is about a spy who is in the government and smiley who is a disgraced agent, has to find the spy. The concept is really clear; but who is the SPY?                                                                                                                                                           This is the mystery that blows your mind and doesn’t give you any clue but still makes you interested to follow the story. The trailer makes the movie feel like an extreme mystery spy movie but it is more like a suspenseful spy movie because it  sometimes gives you the idea of who the spy is and that makes it less than an extreme mystery and more like a suspenseful mystery.

1) The story and the script: The story went on beautifully so you were interested to see who the spy is and how are they going to solve the mystery. The movie sometimes got so confusing that you didn’t get how do they get the information about the spy and find the clues. However, that is not a weakness of the movie because the movie contains all the secrets, twists, and answers inside it, but the problem is that you have to really pay attention and try to look outside the box. The story of this movie gets really complicated, but it doesn’t get boring and it goes on strongly. The script and dialogue is sometimes considered real and everyone talk in their own way; for example the detective talks like a detective ,and the normal person talks like a normal (British) person.

2) The character and actor’s performances: Gary oldman is a terrific actor and he is just brilliant as a detective. When you watch his movies then you understand that he is just playing a different character every time that he is in a movie, and he plays his role in the best way possible; for example in Leon: The professional he is completely a villain and in the Dark knight trilogy he is just a good guy that you would trust to give any secret to but at the same time take him serious and don’t think of him as a joke like Nicholas cage in some of his movies. Other actors are all terrific too; Tom hardy is just so real and good that you feel close to him and he acts brilliantly and realistically that you just smile when he appears on the screen. Other terrific actors in this movie are Benedict Cumberbatch who is most famous for his role in the TV series Sherlock, John Hurt who is most famous as his role in the movies Alien and V for Vendetta, Colin firth who is famous for his role in the movie king’s speech, Mark strong who is most famous for his role in the movie Sherlock Holmes, and all the other great actors. Basically everyone act terrifically good in this movie. The characters are important too and you care about  some of them, but the issue is that sometimes you don’t care that much about the four suspects because there is not a lot of origins and descriptions about them. Smiley (Gary Oldman) is a character you care about and want to see his back story. However, there is a little bit of his back story given but you want to see more and that is my main issue with the movie that a lot of characters that you were supposed to care about, you didn’t. Some characters are just kind of there to complete the mystery and give some clues. Sometimes things happened to the characters that you had to really care about and be shocked, but sometimes it just fell flat on its back not giving you the strong feeling that it should have gave. Even though there are some character problems, you still will enjoy the movie because the actors save the characters from falling completely flat.

3) Cinematography and visual effects:  The movie was so well shot, beautiful and glorious that you never got bored of watching the movie. The movie does not contain a lot of special effects like the movie 300 has, but the graphics, look of the movie, colors, feeling of the scene’s look is much better than 300 and gives you a better feeling. The movie doesn’t use a lot of CGI but is much more interesting than a movie that’s is full of CGI and good special effects.

4) Direction- Plot holes, things that didn’t make sense, and unnecessary scenes: I can’t really say there is any plot holes because even though it looks confusing and you can’t figure some things out, the movie contains all the secrets and clues inside it and it is just difficult to get it so you should watch the movie several times to understand exactly what is happening. There were things that didn’t make sense but that again is because the movie is difficult and you will understand it much better if you watch it several times. There is no unnecessary scene,  sometimes it even looks like the movie should’ve been a bit longer to make you care more about the characters and describe what is happening with more details. Overall the direction is pretty good but confusing at times because sometimes it just felt like that the director had the idea in his mind but couldn’t just represent it, though it has so much good points that this doesn’t really effect the movie. Tomas Alfredson (The director of the horror masterpiece ,Let the right one in, which I haven’t watched) is a brilliant director who knows that even if the story is difficult to understand, what should he do to prevent the movie from getting boring.

5) Soundtrack: For me soundtrack of a movie is a really big part of the movie because if the soundtrack doesn’t match the movie or the scene, then the movie will not give you the feeling that it should. In this movie; the soundtrack is so good and it matches the genre, the scenes, and the story. Sometimes the music saved the difficult story from getting boring. The trailer music composed by Danny Elfman (The famous composer of Tim Burton movies) is the second best score for a mystery movie that I have ever heard in my life ( The first one is Hans Zimmer’s inception score ), and what I love about the score is that it gives you the exact feeling of the movie and that is just awesome.

6) Editing: The movie is edited in a really good and beautiful way that represents the feeling that the movie should give you. The movie is always cutting but not in a bad way, because when they cut it prevents the movie from getting boring and dull. I like that when people talk about something, then it doesn’t only show them talk and shows them narrate what happened to them. Sometimes you hear someone talk and then it shows another scene in which something really normal is happening ( for example sometimes when they talk, then it shows the room for the smiley and the other four suspects,) and it is not boring at all! The editing was well done even though it didn’t have CGI.

7) Ending: Don’t worry! I never spoil a movie for anyone and I HATE people who spoil movies for me. The movies that have been spoiled for me are Seven, the Beautiful Mind, Others, and some other movies that I don’t have in mind right now! For me the ending is so important, especially about a mystery movie because everything depends on the ending. The ending of a movie is what can make a movie LEGENDARY or WASTE OF LIFE! This movie’s ending is really good because it has some surprises and the mystery is solved. There is a problem though, and the problem is that you don’t really care about the characters as much as you should. Because this movie is based on characters and there is not that much character build up, the movie’s ending is not as surprising as it should have been. The ending is surprising but it could be a complete surprise if there was more build up for the characters especially the suspects. Sometimes you even may guess who the spy is and that is one of my problems with the movie. So the ending was satisfying but not as much surprising and effective.

Pros: Great actor performances  great story and script, fantastic cinematography and visual effects, matching soundtrack, Great editing, and great directions.

Cons: Characters not as interesting as they should have been (especially the suspects), and a good ending but lack of a really good surprise. the story is difficult for most of the audience ,and it looks like the movie should’ve been longer to give more build up for the characters and then a lot of these problems would be solved.

I have my own rating and my rating is like

Legendary: 10 to flawless

Masterpiece: 9 to 9.9

Fantastic: 8 to 8.9

Give it a try: 7 to 7.9

Mediocre: 6 to 6.9

Try to avoid: 5 to 5.9

Bad: 4 to 4.9

Waste of time: 3 to 3.9

Awful: 2 to 2.9

Waste of life: 1 to 1.9

WTF: 0 to less than 0

This Movie is…

Fantastic: 8 to 8.9

I have to watch this movie again, so my review may change if I understand more of what is happening.

MPAA Rating: This movie is rated R-restricted

ArinaBorina age rating system: This movie should be OK for a 15 year old, and completely appropriate for a 16 year old. I mean, I am 15 and didn’t have a problem with the movie so I think it is appropriate for a 15 year old if he/she can understand this is a movie and get the concept. There are some gory violence but that shouldn’t be a problem, and there is some sex/semi nudity scenes but that should be kind of OK for a 15 year old because there is not too much violence or sex.


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