The Exorcist: Movie Review


A horror masterpiece? YES … the scariest movie in the world? NO

It is Halloween and I just watched a really famous but old horror movie which is still considered really scary.

At the beginning, the movie was going a bit slow but not in a bad way. The movie was going slow because it had to show you the little girl’s innocence and what is happening in their family.

After half an hour the movie picked up, and that was when the movie got even more interesting than it was at the slow parts.

The girl looked scary (with the infamous makeup) and was doing some disturbing things sometimes. I watched the movie and halfway through the movie I was just  glued to my seat and couldn’t move. The movie was scary, perhaps disturbing at times but it was not the scariest movie ever! This movie was a really good and well made movie though and that is why this movie is one of the most famous horror movies in the world.

1) The story and script: The story of The Exorcist is brilliant but has some plot holes which are pretty huge! The story is about a young girl that gets possessed and the exorcist who wants to heal her. The story is at first a bit slow but still brilliant, and after a while it gets better and better to the point that you are glued to your seat. The story got a bit confusing at the end and then the plot holes came up and made you think “HOW? WHY? WHAT?”

The script is really good and extremely good for its time because it is real and it is not over exaggerated like a lot of other movie’s scripts were at the 70’s.  The characters talk the way they should and their scripts are not far from their characters. The story and the script are brilliant, but did the actors act them well?

2) Characters and actor’s performances: The famous little girl (Linda Blair) who never played in any other good movie and either played in a stupid The Exorcist sequel (Exorcist 2: The Heretic), parodies (Repossessed), or copies (Hell night)! I think that she never took her job seriously because she was rich and famous she didn’t do any better thing and didn’t play a better movie. She was a terrific actor and acted the possessed girl and the innocent girl both at the same great level. Ellen Burstyn who was Linda Blair’s mother played really well and you could see it in her eyes that she is depressed, sad, and scared. Jason Miller is a really great actor and he gives you goosebumps all the way. Max von sydow who is the exorcist is a famous, great, and terrific actor. Lee J. Cobb is an awesome actor that is one of the most realistic actors in the world. The actors are terrific. The characters are realistic themselves, but the actors make them even more realistic. The little girl is a innocent girl who is possessed and is acting in a really weird way which was really disturbing at the 70’s but is basically what a lot of kids are these days (not respectful and rude). Don’t get me wrong I am not saying everyone are like that (I am 15 myself),but there are a lot of kids and teens who are really rude. The good thing is that you care about the characters and when something bad is happening, then you are actually thrilled.


3) Cinematography: The cinematography is pretty good and even though they didn’t use special effects, the movie still looked pretty beautiful. Some scenes that showed the girl possessed and all weird were shot in a really scary way. Sometimes the atmosphere of the movie made you think that someone is in your house because every creepy scene was really zoomed and focused on and everyone pay attention to the scene because it is really creepy. Some of the scenes are really cool because you see the devil’s face jumping for half a second on the screen and you stare at the part that he was just standing and then you get creeped out (,but if you pause it and look at the devil’s face then you’ll laugh!). Overall the cinematography is pretty good and it has a creepy atmosphere.


4) Direction, Plot holes, Things that didn’t make sense, and unnecessary scenes: The movie has plot holes that one of them is really huge. The huge plot hole didn’t make me love the movie as I should’ve and that was the biggest flaw with the movie. I am not going to spoil the movie for you, but if you have seen the movie or don’t care ( then click on this ). The huge plot hole didn’t make sense either and that is really weird because you think to yourself about what happened and then you just kind of say “So why didn’t that happen?” and you keep thinking and thinking but you don’t find the answer. The huge plot hole was really unnecessary and it could’ve been done in a better way. Other than that there was no unnecessary scene and all of the scenes were either related to the story or were there to show how real the characters are. The movie is directed in a really good way and William Friedkin (The director of The Exorcist, The french connection, and Killer Joe) is a brilliant director who knows how to make the best acting out of his actors and can make the atmosphere of the movie creepy. I love how he didn’t use a lot of gore and still scared you. Overall The Exorcist contains a huge plot hole which doesn’t make any sense and is really unnecessary, but it is directed in a really good way and contains a really creepy atmosphere!


5) Soundtrack: This is a scary movie and scary movies always contain a really weird and creepy soundtrack, but I am afraid to say that there is not a lot of soundtrack used in this movie and it is not the soundtrack which scares you because the atmosphere is scaring you! Even though the movie doesn’t have soundtracks, it has some great voice overs which make up for the soundtrack and music’s absence. The girl’s voice changes when she is possessed and her evil voice is one of the most terrifying and creepy voices that I have ever heard in any movie. Overall even though the soundtracks absence is kind of bad the  voice overs make up for it!



6) Editing and Makeup: The movie is not really that edited because it was made at the 70’s, but it still has some edited scenes. In some scenes the devil jumps in a corner of the screen or in front of the screen for half a second and then it is gone, and what I like about it is that you actually get scared and look at the corner when he appears. The devil himself is not scary and it is more like an old cheesy devil than the creatures that we see these days. What I really like about the times that the devil pops up is that it is not a jump scare and it doesn’t make you jump, and it even glues you to your seat. The makeup of this movie is outstanding, great, legendary, infamous, or anything that you’ll call the best. The makeup is really good and scary at the same time. Don’t get me wrong the devil’s makeup is not scary (Kind of funny) but it is creepy when he pops up on the screen. The infamous makeup for the possessed girl is really great and creepy. The makeup is not in your face and really bloody or something like that, because the makeup is really REAL! When you see the girl’s face kind of falling apart slowly and then you see her face all scarred and creepy, then you just realize how real it is! Overall the editing of this movie is great and the makeup is legendary.


7) Ending: I never spoil movies, and if I want to spoil then I will give you an external link to go and check it out! The movie’s ending is good looking but it doesn’t make sense. The ending is the HUGE PLOT HOLE and that is what I hate this movie! The ending kind of levels down the movie and you are kind of unsure of what score should you give it!

( Click on this link to see what the huge plot hole at the end is).


*Scary: How scary is this movie? Well this movie is more creepy than scary. It gives you goosebumps and glues you to your seat but it is not really as scary as the other people say!

Does the fact that the movie is not really scary and is more creepy mean that the movie is bad? NO, because the movie is great and entertaining. I have seen scarier movies than this but they are not all as entertaining.


Pros: a brilliant story, great actor choices and performances, you care about the characters, good cinematography, infamous and ingenious makeup, creepy atmosphere, brilliant directions, great voice overs, and some cool edited scenes.


Cons: a huge plot hole at the end which does not make any sense and is unnecessary (Though you may not notice it if you don’t pay attention).


Legendary: 10 to flawless


Masterpiece: 9 to 9.9

Fantastic: 8 to 8.9


Must Watch: 7 to 7.9


Worth a watch: 6 to 6.9


Try to avoid: 5 to 5.9


Waste of time: 4 to 4.9


awkwardly bad: 3 to 3.9


Torture: 2 to 2.9


Waste of life: 1 to 1.9


WTF: 0 to less than 0


This Movie is…


Masterpiece: 9 to 9.9


I enjoyed this movie and I think it was terrific at its time as it is right now!


MPAA rating: this movie contains some really strong language (profanity) and some disturbing images


ArinaBorina rating: this movie contains some disturbing scenes, it contains a creepy atmosphere and it contains really strong language (ex. c**t, f**k, and c**k s****r) which may disturb younger viewers. This movie is OK for a 14 and it is completely OK for a 15 year old.


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