Top 17 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

2013 was a big year for all gamers, with huge announcements from both Microsoft and Sony, a new generation of video games, and a completely brutal fanboy war, but 2014 is a new year, and it is a damn good looking year for gamers. So in order to celebrate this new year for all of us gamers, I am going to make a list of what are the most interesting and anticipated games of 2014.


IMPORTANT: THE GAMES ON THIS LIST ARE CONFIRMED FOR 2014 – NO RUMORS (for ex. Halo 5, Uncharted 4, and The Division)

Honorable Mentions: Infamous: Second Son, Thief, Kinect Sports Rivals, The Crew, Wolfenstein: New Order, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and X.

#17: Mario Kart 8 (May 2014)


Mario Kart 8 is basically Mario Kart in HD (with a little innovation), but that is exactly what I want from a new Mario Kart game. Mario Kart 8 has amazing graphics, promising gameplay, and it could be one of the games that would revive Wii U from the state that it is placed in at this point. All these great factors make me anticipate this amazing looking game, and make me want to race against most of my favorite nintendo mascots again.

#16: The Order: 1886 (Fall)


In my opinion, this is the most impressive PS4 exclusive at the time, with a very promising idea behind it. We still haven’t seen much, but the trailers are hinting at a rather deep and very good looking game. And also, the game is made by ReadyAtDawn which made two great prequels for the God of War series on the PSP. The historical aspect and idea behind the story is also very promising, so be sure to look forward to this game if you have a PS4.

#15: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Big Boss3

Metal Gear Solid is an odd series, and many people have different opinions about it. Some think that it is a masterpiece, and the others think that it is an overrated game with overly long cutscenes. I am a big fan of movies and I think that MGS is an amazing combination between video games and movies. The bosses are also amazingly unique and have a good character background. MGS Ground Zeroes looks very stealthy and the story sounds creatively weird (like it should). Although MGS Ground Zeroes looks promising, and Kojima has repeatedly shown how good of a developer he is, this game won’t be too high on the list because at the end of the day, Ground Zeroes is Phantom Pain’s prologue.

#14: South Park: The Stick of Truth


This game seems like a dream project now, a game that used to have so much hype and then was delayed so many times, that the game kind of got forgotten by people. Many people don’t even remember that this game is about to come out, but again, I looked forward to this game from the beginning and am still waiting (please don’t delay it again!). The series is genuinely funny, and is insanely popular, so a video game would make complete sense. However, South Park makers are not going to just cash in with a mediocre game, but are reaching for the sky, trying to make a funny, and overall awesome turn based game with the seasoning of RPG.

#13: Sunset Overdrive


This game is a very promising Xbox one exclusive, but we haven’t seen much of the gameplay. However, INSOMNIAC is a very great and credible company, with an amazing history of games like Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance. Sunset Overdrive looks like a cartoony and way more goofy version of Left 4 Dead, and that idea itself is very promising.

#12: Evolve


An alien multiplayer game isn’t something you see everyday, but the creators of Left 4 Dead are bringing us an alien multiplayer game, with a creative tweak. What is the tweak you ask? Well, the more you shoot the alien, the stronger it gets. Until it gets so powerful that it dies. That idea itself is so new and refreshing, that it makes it shine in the repetitive world of multiplayer games like COD and BF.

#11: Dark Souls 2


Dark Souls crushed my soul, made me throw my controller, cry, punch the wall, try to commit suicide … sorry, I just remembered the dark days, THE DARK DAYS OF THE DARK SOUL!!! The worst thing is that you die a million times, and then you realize that you have just started playing the first level. But how do you improve an overly unfair and insanely hard game that will for sure cost its players $60 for a new controller? AN EVEN HARDER GAME!!! And you know what, that is just what we wanted!

#10: Murdered Soul Suspect


This game looks so promising, so creative, and its idea is so refreshing, that I am amazed how no one is talking about it. That is maybe because this game is only coming out on last gen consoles, but it is unfair for such a good looking game with such an awesome sounding story, to be nearly ignored by most gamers, so unfairly. If anyone has seen the classic movie “Ghost (1990)” and ever thought that the idea of being a ghost and walking around while nobody sees you is an awesome idea, then you will have a lot of fun with this game. It looks like the game is shaping up to be a mystery, and I feel like the mystery fans would love this game (me being one of them.) SO PLEASE PAY MORE ATTENTION TO THIS GAME!!! thank you.

#9: Dying Light


Put Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge in a blender, and you get Dying Light, a game in which you kill zombies and run on the walls. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! I guess, that is it … there is nothing else to really say. It is just an awesome looking game full of zombies with the ability of parkour. I don’t really have anything else to say about this game … so … how are you doing? Can you scroll down for the next game? Are you even reading any of this or did I just waste all of my time writing this at 4 in the morning? Well, Dying Light looks pretty sick, that is all I really got for this game.

#8: Project Spark


A game in which you make games … we have kind of had that before with the little big planet, but Project Spark looks like is going to take this whole idea into a new level. The whole game consists of you making your own game, and you have lots of tools to do that with. I first thought that the games that you make would be real simple and pathetic, but then I saw some people making the Fable world or Minecraft world in the beta … and I was speechless!

#7: Watch Dogs


Okay … let me explain! This game used to be way higher on my list. For my most anticipated games list of 2013, this game was easily number one. However, after the delay in november, this game kind of lost the hype that was surrounding it, even though the developers have said that the delay was for a good cause, and that they wanted to make the game better (Probably fixing glitches and avoiding the disastrous launch of Assassin’s Creed III). However, this doesn’t reduce from the fact that this game has a very professional team behind it, and the idea it presents is amazingly creative and completely promising.

#6: Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS


Nintendo’s biggest game of the year, the game that could save the Wii U. Smash Bros. is nearly guaranteed to be amazing, so I guess that is a good reason to look forward to it. This would be amazing for the people who have not played the older installments, and also amazing for the die hard fans of this franchise, because of the HD quality and many new and redesigned characters (for ex. Megaman, The villager, and Lucario). Get this game if you have a Wii U, but if you don’t have a Wii U, then I guess that you shouldn’t really worry. Its only a matter of time until Playstation All Stars 2, or Xbox all fighters (if a game like that would ever come out) rips it off and adds just a few new tweaks.

#5: Destiny


Halo is one of my favorite games of all time, with Halo 4 being my all time favorite. So there is no doubt that this game, made by Bungie (The original creators of Halo), is going to be somewhere on my list. However, I am not looking forward to Destiny only because it is made by Bungie. Destiny is a FPS shooter and it is also an RPG, in which you can discover universes, planets, customize your character, and meet different kind of aliens. So basically … this is what Mass Effect would be if it was combined with Halo, and I love both of those games!

#4: D4


An Xbox One exclusive, in an episodic form, from the guys who brought us Deadly Premonition, one of the most weird and unique games that I have ever played. Deadly Premonition is a piece of gold, it is “The Room (2003)” of video games. It accomplished an amazing task, with the game being so bad that it was a masterpiece. The game’s story was unique, and the old resident evil style gameplay was very refreshing. However the game’s story was basically a rip off of twin peaks, the graphics were ps2 quality, and the controls were pretty horrible, but those are all what makes that game amazing. So, the guys behind that masterpiece are now going to make an episodic mystery detective game exclusively for Xbox One. The weird style of Deadly Premonition has not gone away, and is sticking around in this game too, which makes me more than happy. My advice: THIS GAME IS VERY INTERESTING, KEEP AN EYE ON IT!!!

#3: Witcher 3


Witcher 3 is an open world RPG game, with such a huge world inside, and such amazing graphics (maxing out the Xbox One and PS4). Witcher is going head to head with elder scrolls, trying to max out graphics, have a great story with witty dialogues. So basically if you love RPG, then you can not, and I repeat, CAN NOT MISS THIS GAME! In this game, you are Geralt, and have the skills of the master swordsman. That is why alongside your typical sword fighting, there is also sorcery, making both the story and the gameplay mechanics so much more interesting. If you own an Xbox One, PS4, or PC, then you should really look forward to this game.

#2: Quantum Break


Remedy is basically the Naughty Dog of Microsoft (Except MS doesn’t own the company, so … buy this company!!!), they have created such amazing games like Alan Wake and Max Payne (not Max Payne 3, but Max Payne 1 & 2). Remedy is well know for making great mind bending stories, and making the gameplay mechanics as fresh and as creative as possible (for ex. Max Payne’s Bullet-time, and Alan Wake’s flashlight weapon). This time around, the new creative gameplay mechanic is that you play the game making different decisions, and based on your decisions, you could watch your in game progress as an actual live action series. If that is not mind blowing enough, then let me tell you this, you could pause, stop, and as rumored probably rewind time. These gameplay mechanics could make this game one of the most unique, creative, and best games of 2014.

#1: Titanfall

titan4 (1)

Oh, I know, Titanfall, a very cliched choice for the number one spot, but hear me out. This game is the game that everyone is talking about. The game that the Playstation fanboys loved at first and swore that it would come to their system, but then when they were proven wrong, they started hating on the game, calling it generic. Xbox fanboys were completely hyped, and defended this game, calling it the killer app of their system. PC fanboys said that the best version of the game will be on PC, with amazing graphics, and that this game is not going to do much good for Xbox, because PC is the superior system. So, basically everyone was fighting over this game, with PS fanboys trying to find every opportunity to hate on this game, and Xbox fanboys trying their best to defend this game. That itself hints how anticipated this game is, and how much people are actually looking forward to it. However, my reason for this game being number one on the list is not because this game is going to be a very extraordinary game with a deep story … no, no, no, no, NO! (Because I am pretty sure the story is not going to be that great … I mean it is an online only FPS!). My reason for this game being number one is because it looks FUN AS HELL! There, I said it … I know that some of you think that this game is just going to be COD with Mechs, and that the game is overly hyped, but just remember the good COD days, like the days of COD 4, and Modern Warfare 2. If you have played those games, then you have experienced a great joy, the fast pace, the shooting, the killing, everything feels satisfying. Why am I talking about COD on here you ask? Well, the guys who are making Titanfall are the developers behind COD 4 and Modern Warfare 2, which were later fired from Infinity Ward. This game has repeatedly shown that it could revolutionize the FPS genre once again (with its amazing alpha, and previews). The people behind COD 4 and COD: Modern Warfare 2, once revolutionize the FPS genre, this is their chance to do it again, and kill the COD franchise once and for all!

Because you know what they say:



4 thoughts on “Top 17 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

  1. Nice list. I had honestly forgotten about a few of those games. Titanfall remains my most anticipated – currently have everything crossed that the EA servers hold up and that there are enough maps to justify the price tag.
    Witcher 3 is also pretty high on my list. Loved Witcher 2 and have been craving an RPG for a long time. Sounds like between this, FF14 and TESO I should be covered this year!
    Rounding out my top 3 is inFAMOUS Second Son. Huge fan of the previous 2 games and looks like a real showcase of the PS4’s raw grunt. Not long to wait! 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback, sounds like our lists are pretty similar. Unfortunately I was not able to play any of the infamous games, that is why it is my honorable mention. 😀

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