The Best and Worst Fable Games!

With Fable Anniversary being just around the corner, I have created a list of the best and worst Fable games. Well, Fable was at a point, similar to the zelda franchise for the xbox consoles. However, those days seem long over, with Fable going to many wrong directions recently. Even though there is still some hope in Fable Legends IP which is an exclusive fable themed MMO for the Xbox One, we are not sure when it is going to come out, and not sure about the quality of that game (even though it sounds promising!). So, if you can’t wait until Fable Legends comes out and want to can experience this amazing franchise, then you should really get Fable Anniversary, which is basically the remastered version of the first Fable game to come out. However, lets focus on the subject. I am going to go from the worst fable game to the best, and I will explain how good or bad each game is. So, lets jump into it.


Important: We start from the Worst to the Best fable games!

#5: Fable Heroes (Worst)


Oh, yes … the worst fable game, is not actually that bad, but still, lets present the one and only Fable Heroes. This game is just an arcade spin off of the very popular Fable franchise, but does it deliver? meh. That is it. It is just another hack and slash game which is not really horrible, but is a completely mediocre hack and slash game with fable characters thrown into it. And even though the style was more pointed towards the children than the adults, I feel like that was a big problem, because the majority of Fable’s fans are adults. The game may be creative at times, or maybe charming, or even funny at times, but still it really doesn’t fit in the fable universe. The game is just a hack and slash game missing the amazing decision making features, or the whole complete fun factor of the fable series.

Score: 5/10 (TRY TO AVOID!)

Metascore: 55/100

#4: Fable: The Journey


Honestly, this game is not even bad, it is just a very mediocre game, which again, just uses the Fable name to sell some copies. This is not exactly a Fable game, just like Fable Heroes, it just has a few elements borrowed from that series, that is it! The game is actually first person shooter, which makes sense because there is really no other way for you to cast spells with kinect, if the game was, like the other Fable games, a third person game. Also this game is way too repetitive, I mean I get it, using Kinect is pretty hard, and shooting at the enemies with your hand is pretty fun, but the enemies are nearly all the same. Also, many good features from other Fable games were removed from this game, like making decisions, and that is an idiotic move, mainly because we have already made decisions with kinect in Mass Effect 3. So this game comes out to be just a pretty fun and surprisingly accurate kinect game. That is it. The name Fable is just used because if the game had another name, then you wouldn’t buy it, that is it!

My Score: 6.8/10 (Pretty Good Rental)

Metascore: 61/100

#3: Fable 3


Wow … this is going to be controversial … take a deep breath … Fable 3 is not a bad game, it is a good game … there I said it! Fable 3 is not a bad game, it really is not. Then you may ask why do some people hate it, but let me tell you something, Fable 3 was just kind of disappointing. Why was it disappointing you ask? Well, because Peter Molyneux hypes the shit out of everything he makes! If he just came out and said that Fable 3 was a going to be a pretty fun medival RPG game with many decision making options, then everyone would buy the game and be pretty satisfied. But no, he has to say that he is making the best game ever, the best RPG you will ever play, and things like that which completely disappointed the people who actually believed his words. I, myself hadn’t heard any of the things that Peter Molyneux had said about Fable when I played Fable 3, and I had a lot of fun with that game. So if you walk into Fable 3 with no huge expectations, then you will really enjoy this game. Advice: Never get hyped by Peter Molyneux … you will be disappointed! (We still love you peter, thanks for creating the amazing universe of Fable)

Score: 8/10 (Pretty Good/Great)

Metascore: 80/100 (even the critics agree with me!)

#2: Fable Or Fable Anniversary [remastered version]


You thought that Fable 3 being good was going to be controversial, well the real controversy is here. The first Fable is an amazing game, but not as good as Fable 2. I know that some of the die hard Fable fans are going to kill me, but come on … this is my opinion, and I don’t think Fable is as great as Fable 2. Why you ask? Because Fable is a very fun and cool game, with a pretty cool story, and an amazing villain, Jack of Blade. However, most decisions are shallow, and will either make you bad or good, no real outcome. The gameplay mechanics are at times fun, and at other times a complete chore, with you trying to hit or dodge your enemy but failing multiple times. The story itself, the majestic style, and the unique idea of the game (for its own time), makes this game an amazing experience.

Score: 9.2/10 (Amazing)

Metascore: 85/100

#1: Fable 2 (Best)


Pardon me for being a fanboy, but this is one of my most favorite games of all time. Every decision matters, the combat is enjoyable and very fun, with the more tiresome problems of the first one removed. The morality system has been so polished that choosing to be bad or good is one of the most fun aspects of the game. Every decision you make will effect both you and everyone around you. The addition of the dog (one of the best side kicks) is also very clever and an amazing idea, because you will pet your dog, love your dog, and care about him/her through out the whole game. Fable 2 also has a pretty good story which is enjoyable enough. However, the best part is how you interact with other people, and what is the outcome of each of your interactions (for example, you could flip off someone and see what they would do back, it is way more enjoyable than it sounds!). This game is a very fun and amazing game, and pardon my fanboyism, but I LOVE THIS GAME. The only problem with the game is the beginning of the game which is rather slow and boring, but when you pass that point, then you will enjoy every other second of this amazing game.

Score: 9.8/10 (Masterpiece)

Metascore: 89/100

P.S. Thanks for creating this great universe Mr. Molyneux 🙂

Did not agree with my opinion? don’t sue me, but rather vote for your opinion to prove me wrong. Thank you for reading my article.


3 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Fable Games!

  1. Is there no love for Fable 2 pub games or Fable coin golf (WP). They are fable games and the title of the article is “The Best And Worst Fable Games”

    • Well, I am talking about more popular and important Fable games. Fable 2 pub was kind of like an add-on, and Fable Coin Golf was a mobile game, that is why I didn’t include them.

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