Top 8 Character that should be added to Killer Instinct Season 2!


With the addition of Spinal recently, we have 7 characters in the Killer Instinct roster, which is going to become 8 after Fulgore’s addition in March. However, when we reach 8 characters, then there won’t be any other character addition updates, but mode updates like story mode or arcade mode. Why you ask? Well, because Season 1 ends of Killer Instinct ends with the addition of 8 characters. However, for the purpose of this season being called Season “ONE”, I would assume that Season 2 is either planned for or is already in works. So, if a new season is in works, and if it would work just like season one, with 8 characters added to the roster again, then what 8 characters do we want?

Honorable Mention: Kim Wu


Kim Wu is a generic asian girl which basically exists in any fighting game ever made, and that is why it is just an honorable mention. They could remake her in amazing way, but still, she isn’t really unique. Some people might want her back, and I don’t really have a problem with her coming back to the series, but she is very generic. I think the only important and amazing character from Killer Instinct who was a woman was Orchid, that is kind of it (NOT TRYING TO BE SEXIST!). However, with the inclusion of Sadira, we have got another amazing female character in Killer Instinct, so maybe the developers could make Kim Wu more interesting!

#8: Maya


Yes, another female character, but she is a character that I would want to see more in Killer Instinct, because she is actually way more interesting than Kim Wu. Why? Well, because she is a Barbarian, and has two huge awesome knives! The knives themselves give her so much more potential than Kim Wu!

#7: Tusk

Tusk (1)

Tusk is basically the male version of Maya. He is a barbarian, and even though he doesn’t have 2 awesome knives, he has an amazing sword! His moves and combo list is kind of generic, but it is still good enough. His endings on the original game were also pretty bizarre, with him killing Maya (his ally) and Combo (his enemy). I mean, why would you want to kill your ally? Well, if Tusk is made for Season 2, then I want to see some apeshit ending like that again!

#6: TJ Combo


TJ Combo is your generic boxer (preferably Black) in every fighting game (Tekken, Street Fighter, etc.). His moves and combos are pretty good, but I think that everyone’s favorite has to be the roll special. And I have to confess that him rolling is pretty funny at times, so to the developers I say that if they add his character in Killer Instinct, then his rolling should look as hilarious as it was in the other Killer Instinct games.

#5: Bonus Characters!


Battletoad, Marcus Fenix, Master Chief, Arbiter, and even Joanna Dark (From Perfect Dark Zero), would all be amazing bonus characters. And you know why? Because these characters are all Xbox exclusive characters, and we have all seen Kratos in the Playstation version of Mortal Kombat, so these characters would be very fitting! And you know what I think … I think that it would be awesome to have a combo in which you saw off an enemy with Marcus Fenix’s lancer!

#4: Riptor


Riptor is the product of a DNA error, and such an amazing error it is, because Riptor is very fun to play with, with amazing moves and combos. I could also imagine a fantastic design of the Riptor for Killer Instinct on Xbox One. A dinasour is always a good choice in a fighting game, however, they always dissapoint (for example, T-Rex in Tekken Tag Tournament 2). But Riptor was always a joy to play with, so please put him in the character roster of Killer Instinct’s Season 2.

#3: Gargos


Gargos is basically a Gargoyle … yeah … A GARGOYLE!!! Have you ever seen a Gargoyle in a fighting game? Have you? (because if you have, then let me know!). A Gargoyle in a fighting game is an amazing idea, but the character had an interesting story, awesome design, and fantastic moves and combos. Gargos is required to be included in Killer Instinct’s season two on Xbox One. PLEASE PUT HIM IN THE GAME!

#2: Eyedol


Eyedol is a huge monster with two heads and each head has one eye … that is both creepy and AWESOME! Seriously, I was pissed that Eyedol didn’t even make it to the first season, but still there is hope that they would bring this damn creature to the second season of Killer Instinct. There was only one problem with this character in the original Killer Instinct, and that is that Eyedol was supposed to be a giant, but actually looked pretty small in the original games. He was still bigger and taller than the other characters, but not as big and tall as he should’ve been. So, to the developers, please make him look huge compared to the other characters. I seriously want to see Eyedol in Killer Instinct, so please MAKE IT HAPPEN!

#1: Cinder


Cinder was just another criminal, but because of a chemical accident, he catched on fire, but the fire never stopped flaming. Well that is a pretty interesting storyline, and Cinder also has amazing moves and combos, but that is not the only reason why we want to see him appear on the second season of Killer Instinct. The main reason we want him is because, anyone who has played the old Killer Instinct games, will probably say that he is one of the best and strongest characters in the game. I also happen to love Cinder, because he is awesome. Also, Cinder was also rumored to be leaked, and you know who else was leaked, Spinal and Fulgore, and they are characters confirmed for Season one (with Spinal already available in the character roster). So, it seems like that we would actually see Cinder, probably as the first character in Killer Instinct’s second season!

Agree with my opinion, or do you think that another character should’ve taken Cinder’s place for the #1 slot? If you agree with me, vote in the poll below to show people how popular Cinder is and how much we want him in the second season. and if you don’t agree with me, then prove me wrong and vote for your favorite character.



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