Titanfall Beta Quick Review!

So, first let me explain two things. First, Quick Reviews are new posts that will appear a lot on this blog. You don’t want to read a 2000 word review? You just want to know why it is good, and what score it gets, then these posts are for you. And second, Yes … I know … a Beta review? Why am I reviewing a beta? Well, because I feel like this beta is not really a beta but a demo. Yes, it is so good technically, that it just seems like a demo, rather than a beta. So lets just get into this highly anticipated and extremely hyped video game beta!



+ Fast Paced and Satisfying Parkour System and Gameplay

+ Amazing Shooting Mechanics

+ Being a Titan feels amazing!

+ Beautiful Graphics (Not as good as Battlefield 4, but way better than Call of Duty Ghosts)

+ Burn Cards are fantastic!

+ The weapons feel very good


+ A fresh new take on modern first person shooters

+ Lives up to the Hype!!!


– Nothing. NOTHING!

Score: 9/10 – This is an incredible beta, however the only reason this game gets a 9 is because it does not have too much content. I KNOW … IT IS A BETA! However, I am just giving it a 9, so that the final game doesn’t have this little content. This is one of the best Betas (or the best Beta) that I have ever played. This beta has made me even more excited for the actual game, so make sure you come back to this website to read the quick review of the full game on March 11th.

Have you played Titanfall’s beta? What would you rate it? Vote below!


2 thoughts on “Titanfall Beta Quick Review!

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