Deals of the week: February 16th-22nd


Today it was announced by Amazon that the highly praised Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is on sale for $40 (While they last). If you have never bought Tomb Raider, then there is no better time, but now. The game is actually a pretty amazing game, which I would rate as an 8.8/10. $20 off this great game is an amazing deal that you cannot find anywhere else.

Buy it here from Amazon

Also this week on Xbox devices, there is an ultimate sale, with games like Driver: San Francisco, Batman Arkham City, Bastion, Dishonored, Halo Reach, and many other games on sale.

You could see full details of the ULTIMATE SALE on Xbox 360


However, one of the best deals of the week has to be Ryse: Son of Rome for $40 digitally on Xbox One’s game store. And yes, Ryse is worth every penny of the $40 that you could well spent on the title. The critics were not a huge fan of the game, but thought that Ryse was a pretty good game, with the game standing at 60 on Metacritic. However, most of the gamers who played Ryse have said several times that Ryse: Son of Rome is very underrated, and indeed it is the most underrated piece of gem on any next-gen console. In my review, I gave the game a 9.3/10. I enjoyed the game immensely, with its fantastic graphics (probably the best looking game on any Next-gen console) wowing me, its amazing story entertaining me, and its Arkham-style gameplay putting a smile on my face. So, if you have not bought this underrated masterpiece, then you can purchase it right now for only $40 if you get the digital version. This practice is also nearly advised, because if you buy Ryse on its digital sale state, then you are basically voting with your pocket, and will see more xbox one games get cheaper digital versions.


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