There are Monsters in Titanfall!


Titanfall, which is easily the most anticipated game of 2014, has been in a rather incredibly successful beta. However, the beta is going to end on February 19th, 6 P.M. PST. And already we are anxious that we are not going to be able to play titanfall for 3 weeks, and are trying to play the beta so much until it is gone. So, please take a break just for a minute and read this article … because it is about MONSTERS in TITANFALL! Yes … monsters! Today, the Titanfall artbook was given to a few game critics and journalists, and in one of the first pages, you will see amazing designs of some monsters! Immediately you ask yourself … What the hell are monsters doing in Titanfall Artbook? Are they a part of the map? WHAT IS HAPPENING! Next thing you know, a few pages later, there is also an art work of the pilots and the titans shooting the feet of a gigantic monster! This means that there will be sequences in the game that we will fight monsters! There are flying looking ant monsters and there are also huge dinosaur looking monsters, which look pretty impressive!


So, we don’t exactly know how the monsters would play out, are they going to be on selected maps, or are they going to be boss battles. There are many unanswered questions about Titanfall, and we can’t wait to get some answers about this highly anticipated game!

What do you think about Monsters in Titanfall? Do you think that they would be cool, or they wouldn’t fit the game. Cast your vote in the poll below!


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