Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Quick Review!


Quick reviews are short reviews that I write for the people who don’t want to read 3 pages just to see what score their much anticipated game has received. So lets get into it!

Platforms: Xbox One (Tested), Xbox 360, and PC (Will release later)


+ Funny and enlightening art style

+ Fantastic Character customization

+ Extremely fun gameplay

+ Flexible and amazing classes

+ Awesome and super fun game modes

+ Some creative gameplay mechanics


– Some classes seem more powerful than the others

– Split-screen is not as good as it could have been

– Some gameplay mechanics are borrowed immensely from games like Team Fortress 2

Last Words: If you enjoyed the charming humor and amazing gameplay of Team Fortress 2, you MUST buy this game … yes … it is a MUST! The extremely fun gameplay and the many amazingly designed classes and customizations make this game a must buy for anyone who owns an Xbox One. Although the Xbox 360 version is inferior, the game is still good enough for $30.

Score: 8/10 (Great)


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