Thief preforms better on Xbox One!


Despite the Thief’s huge controversy over 900p resolution on Xbox One and 1080p resolution on PS4, facts are showing that Xbox One preforms Thief better than PS4. Thief on Xbox One is maintained closely around 30 fps, however the PS4 version of Thief struggles needlessly to hit 30 fps, and is always running around 20-15 fps. This problem has brought up a rather controversial question; Does Thief perform better on Xbox One? Yes, even though Thief runs on only 900p on Xbox One, the frame rates being higher and being more stable, assures better graphics for Thief on Xbox One.

There has also been a controversy about SONY forcing developers to hit the 1080p resolution mark on their console which has brought up many problems for the developers. Also it is rather suspicious that there is not much press revolving Thief running on lower fps as much as there is on games running lower on Xbox.


However at the end it stays that graphics are not the priority, but the gameplay. And you can read my quick review of Thief by clicking here.

What do you think about this new controversy? Do you think that graphics matter or they don’t. Cast your vote!


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