Thief Quick Review!


Thief was extremely anticipated, a new remake of a great classic game, has got mediocre reviews at the best, however, the game is not mediocre, it is a complete train wreck.

Platforms: Xbox One (Tested), PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC


+ Challenging stealth gameplay

+ The main gameplay mechanic being stealing things rather than killing people!

+ Good Art-style and graphics

+ Some creative gameplay mechanics

+ Atmosphere is great


– Extremely boring at times!

– Bland surroundings

– Idiotic, boring, and nonsensical story

– Generic boring characters!

– Many frustrating control mechanics, with invisible walls surrounding many areas

– Insanely frustrating gameplay mechanics

– Extremely unpleasant to play

– No real personality

– Amazingly buggy, with many glitches making the game a chore to play

– Incredibly stupid Ai

– Biggest disappointment and the worst game of  Q1 2014 in video game category!

The Good Points of This Game: The game has an extremely amazing atmosphere, and the graphics of the game are amazing. It was pleasant to eyes to look around and explore the world, because of how amazing the game looked. The art style was amazing and the character designs were good and fitting. A few of the gameplay mechanics of the game are unique, but not many of them. The concept is also amazing, however, it is very disappointing that there is literally no use for things you steal. You may steal some scissors, but can you hit someone with it? no, you just put it in your damn collection or just get the money for it right away. Another nitpick is that I wanted to steal things, and then sell them off to someone, instead of getting the money for the items I stole, right away. 

The Bad Points of This Game: I actually played the game on the Master difficulty which is the hardest difficulty in the whole game, and let me tell you that the Ai of the guards is still stupid. The guards can not see me when we are only a feet away from them, and they look around like idiots. You can not kill the guards, because … I don’t know … but they could kill you with one slash of their swords. The guards are overpowered, but extremely stupid. The story of the game is also incredibly idiotic and boring, which made me always skip the cutscenes. Trying to get around places, or do shortcuts is basically impossible, because there are idiotic invisible walls everywhere. You can climb up the box in the right, but you can’t do it with the box on the left … why? I don’t know, probably horrible programming. The game is a chore to play, and it is easily one of the most frustrating games that I have ever played.

Last Words: If you are a huge fan of the old Thief games or games like Dishonored, then you may want to give this game a chance, however, its insanely boring plot with incredibly bland gameplay, make this game incredibly frustrating. So, even if you like stealth games like this, still don’t buy this game and stick with the older stealth games like the perfect Dishonored game. It is a mediocre game at most, and is not worth full price, if you are extremely stoked for this game, buy it when the game has a price drop. Thief is extremely frustrating to play, and the stupidity of the Ai is incredible, however, you could have a lot of fun in the game just messing around with the idiotic Ai. 

Score: 4.8/10 (Horrible)


2 thoughts on “Thief Quick Review!

  1. Best written review in Q1 2014 in video game category!
    Killing the guards with arrows is extremely hard, and it is stupid.
    I’m not enjoying the game, pretty horrible piece of crap!

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