Top 10 Most Underrated Games of 2013!


Yes, we have all enjoyed the hell out of Grand Theft Auto 5, talked about Bioshock Infinite’s fantastic ending, and followed Ellie and Joel’s amazing journey in The Last of Us. We have even drove our sexy Mclaren in Forza 5, jumped on Goombas in Mario 3D World, and blew little spaceships into pixels in Resogun. We all have talked about those fantastic games, but there were some other games that were just as fantastic but are extremely unnoticed and underrated. Yes, today we are going to talk about the most underrated games of 2013. So put on your seatbelt and get ready to see which games were the most underrated games of 2013!

Honorable Mention: Remember Me


Metascore: 65-72/100

What it should’ve got: 75-80/100

Do you remember Remember Me? Did you even know a game by this title came out in the year 2013? Many people didn’t, and the game totally deserves more attention. The game is a great game with a combat system which has redefined the fantastic combat system of the Batman Arkham games. The story of the game is also interesting and dramatic, it is cheesy at times, but compelling at other times. Also the graphics of this game is fantastic, with amazing use of color and insanely detailed visuals. This game was just one of those games that came and went, and no one really noticed it, even though it deserved more recognition.


#10: Splinter Cell Blacklist


Metascore: 75 – 84/100

What it should’ve got: 82-88/100

Splinter Cell Blacklist was an amazing and nearly perfect stealth game, however neither the critics showed too much love to this title nor enough people purchased this game to ensure Sam Fisher’s next gen future. Other Splinter Cell games have fantastic scores, even Splinter Cell Conviction has a Metascore of 83-85, however, the same amount of love was not given to Splinter Cell Blacklist. The gameplay and stealth mechanics were fantastic and the graphics were beautiful, so the score of 75-84 of this game following the lack of attention the game got, makes this title one of the most underrated games of 2013.

#9: Dead Space 3


Metascore: 76-78/100

What it should’ve got: 80-85/100

Dead Space 2 was known as one of the best Horror games of the last generation (Xbox 360, PS3) and Dead Space 3 was highly anticipated, however the critics didn’t love Dead Space 3 as much as Dead Space 2 and even though the game got a good score, it didn’t do nearly as well as the fantastic Dead Space 2 (Metascore: 87-90). Dead Space 3 might not have been as deep and horrific as Dead Space 1 or 2, but the game was insanely fun and its co-op was top notch. This makes Dead Space 3 one of the most underrated games of 2013!


#8: DMC: Devil May Cry


Metascore: 85-86/100

What it should’ve got: 85-86/100 is a great score, but the user score is a 4.9/10 which should’ve been 8.5/10

Yes, we all know that the new Dante is not exactly as lovely as the old Dante, in fact, he is actually a pretty annoying douche bag. However, this doesn’t reduce from the fact that this game is just awesome! The combat is fluid and incredibly fun, and the story is pretty good for a devil may cry video game. The boss battles were fantastic and the enemies were challenging. And oh my god the graphics were beautiful, I feel like as if DMC was one of the last games defining and maxing out the graphics of last gen consoles. However, even though the critics thought the game was great, people totally hated the game. The user score of DMC is ridiculously low, being 4.9 on Metacritic even though the game is totally not that bad, it is actually pretty great!


#7: Metro: Last Light


Metascore: 80-82/100

What it should’ve got: 87/100

What happens when a great first person shooter horror game with masterful atmosphere, amazing story, fantastic visuals, and top notch gameplay comes along? IT BECOMES ONE OF THE MOST OVERLOOKED AND UNDERRATED GAMES OF THE YEAR! I mean what the hell happened? Why is this game so overlooked and underrated is beyond me. Two words, “BUY THIS GAME!”, oh wait that is three words…


#6: Beyond Two Souls


Metascore: 70/100

What it should’ve got: 75/100

Okay, I know that this game was not amazing, and it also didn’t live up to the hype following the success of the masterpiece, Heavy Rain. Beyond Two Souls had everything right! Professional actors, fantastic graphics, and a compelling story, but the game’s gameplay was just extremely frustrating. The main button used in this game is the analog stick, and every single move of the game uses the same button. There are some scenes in which you don’t know what direction you are supposed to move your analog stick. So, yes, the game is very frustrating at times, but a 70 in Metacritic is known as an average score, however this game is actually good, maybe not great, but good. For that reason this game should have got a 75/100 instead of a 70/100, so that at least it could be known as a good game, not an average game.


#5: God of War: Ascension


Metascore: 80/100

What it should’ve got: 85/100

Okay, this year we had another God of War game, and it didn’t get amazing scores! Aside from the God of War games on PSP, every God of War game on a Playstation console had fantastic scores going from 92-94/100. However, Ascension didn’t even get a score as good as the PSP titles, and it really deserves a better score than 80/100. The gameplay is fluid and as enjoyable as always, the story may not be as interesting as the other God of War games (probably because it is a prequel), but it was still good enough for a God of War game. The graphics and the visuals were also fantastic. God of War ascension shouldn’t get a 90/100 because it just isn’t that good, but it should bump up a little bit, and become 85/100 (a better score from God of War: Ghost Sparta).


#4: Gears of War: Judgement

giphy (1)

Metascore: 79/100

What it should’ve got: 87/100

Another prequel to an exclusive game (first God of War: Ascension now Gears of War: Judgement) which critics though of as a not so great game. Okay, I know, Gears of War Judgement is not as fantastic or deep as the other Gears of War games, but the game is extremely fun! Gears of War Judgement is a very fun game, you just shoot the locusts and have fun with the cheesy story. The gameplay is fluid and the online (though not as great as the other Gears of War games) is very fun! And oh my god, the local multiplayer of this game is amazingly financed and insanely fun. So if you have some friends over and want to play a very fun game, there is no reason for you to not buy this game, or at least rent it!


#3: Batman: Arkham Origins


Metascore: 70-76/100

What it should’ve got: 80-85/100

ANOTHER PREQUEL! Whooo … can we agree that 2013 was the year of the underrated prequels? Okay, I was one of the few people who purchased the collector’s edition of The Arkham Origins game, but did I waste my money? NO! Arkham Origins is an amazing game which was just so overlooked by the critics. The gameplay was as fluid as the other games and the story was actually very interesting. The boss battles were awesome and the open world was pretty cool. Batman and Joker’s voice actors did a great voice for the younger selves. The investigation and detective mechanics were also pretty amazing. The game had everything going for it, however, it for sure didn’t get the score it deserved … but the one it needed (I am sorry for the horrible batman joke!).


#2: Crysis 3


Metascore: 76-77

What it should’ve got: 80-88/100

Crysis 1 and 2 were praised as one of the most innovative and amazing first person shooters, however the third crysis game was left in the dark with a low user score and a low Metascore. What happened to this game? The game was great, the story was deep and compelling, the graphics were unbelivabley good, and the gameplay was fantastic. The addition of the bow to the game was an amazing decision, and added a lot of strategy to the game. The online multiplayer was fun and innovative, and the Hunter mode was one of the best online modes after Halo 4’s Flood. Crysis 3 could’ve been the #1 for the most underrated game, but another game took that place, another game from the same developer of the Crysis series, Crytek!



#1: Ryse: Son of Rome


Metascore: 60/100

What it should’ve got: 88-93/100

Ryse was a game with fantastic, incredible, and even unbelievable graphics, being easily the best looking game on any console. The combat was as fluid and amazing as the Batman Arkham games. The story was fantastic, with compelling and dramatic moments waiting for you every second. The QTE problems were fixed, and the character models were fantastic looking. This was a game that I popped in my Xbox One and played through with an awe, staring at my screen and smiling. Ryse is easily the most underrated game of 2013, and the #1 most underrated game of this next generation!


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Underrated Games of 2013!

    • I completely agree, Splinter Cell Blacklist was my favorite Splinter Cell after Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, which I thought was a masterpiece.

  1. Sorry but Ryse really did suck… Sure it had amazing visuals I’ll agree with that, but the combat was not even close to the standard the Arkham games have set, and executing ‘colour coded’ QTE’s is repetitive and not at all skillful, it seemed patronising and I honestly prefer a brutal combat challenge like Dark Souls that will actually make me efficient and attentive to the fighting.

    • I respect you opinion, and yes the combat got repetitive at times, but the story had me interested the whole time. However, I understand where you are coming from.

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