Call of Duty Ghosts Quick Review!


Yes, this review is rather late, but the blog has just started so we are going to review some older games for this matter! However, these are all Quick Reviews, which you can read through in a minute and decide if you want or don’t want to purchase the game reviewed! So let’s jump in!


+ Some good twists in the story

+ Gameplay is as fast paced and enjoyable as the other Call of Duty games

+ Extinction mode is very fun

+ Cranked is a fun mode

+ Tried to innovate …


– … However, the innovation made this game a drag

– Big maps that are huge considering the small player count

– The small player count is insanely annoying, making you look for the other players for a long time

– You die insanely quickly


– Forgettable maps

– The graphics are no improvement from the Xbox 360 or PS3 version, and even look worse at some points

– The story is very nonsensical at times

– The campaign is incredibly boring

– The dog is an idiotic, desperate edition to this game

– The online is horrific, it becomes a game of catch with everyone trying to find other players, rather than killing them

Overall: Call of Duty Ghosts is the worst and most horrific cash in on the Call of Duty franchise. The online is both frustrating and tiresome, the campaign is extremely boring, and the graphics look horrible. This game should’ve never existed, and it getting good reviews from some critics is ridiculous! 

Score: 3.7/10 (Garbage)


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