Killzone: Shadowfall’s Multiplayer wasn’t 1080p! (Why did Sony hide this fact?)


Killzone Shadowfall’s Multiplayer was known to be 1080p for a long time, however, it was confirmed by Eurogamer that Killzone: Shadowfall’s multiplayer is running at 960 x 1080 frame buffer, versus the 1080p 30 FPS delivery of the single-player mode of the game. That’s actually closer to 720p than 900p with a total of 1,036,800 pixels rendered per image versus the 2 million that 1080p is able to achieve. These stats destroy Sony’s marketing for the game being 1080p 60 FPS when multiplayer. But why did SONY lie? And why didn’t help their misunderstood fans realize that the multiplayer version of the game is not running 1080p 60 FPS. Even at the back of the Killzone: Shadowfall, it is stated that the game runs only on 1080p, which is not the case. You could see the back of the box below.

IMPORTANT: This doesn’t in any means mean that SONY has been false advertising, because in fact, the singleplayer version of the game does run in 1080p. However, it is just count as impercise advertisement because of SONY not counting the resolution of the multiplayer version which is something very close to 720p.


The reason why the resolution is different between the singleplayer and multiplayer version of the game is because of Frame Rate issues (something that has been spotted many times, as PS4’s biggest weakness, maintaining frame rates). The frame rate hasn’t completely been locked at 60 either, with the frame rates averaging around 50 FPS.

However this new controversy brings up another question, does the game look bad or ugly if it is not 1080p? NO, absolutely no! We could take Ryse: Son of Rome as an example, a game which ran on 900p and looked better than any game on any console!


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