South Park: Stick of Truth Quick Review!


One of my highly anticipated, and most wanted games of 2014 is finally here, after two long delays! However, was this game worth the anticipation? Did the delays help the game become better or the game sucks anyway? Well you can find out now in this quick review, a review which is quick enough to just point out the best and worst aspects of the game!


+ It is South Park!!!

+ It looks exactly like South Park!

+ It is as funny (sometimes funnier than) South Park!

+ The humor at times is extremely disgusting … and that is just what we wanted!

+ Humorous and extremely weird story … which is just what we wanted!

+ Top Notch voice acting from Trey and Matt!

+ Paper Mario style gameplay

+ Bizzarre attacks

+ Fantastic throw backs to the TV series!

+ Great fast travel system

+ Cartman’s closet! (See for yourself in the game … no spoilers!)

+ Randy is f***ing hilarious!

+ Anal probes not censored in North and South America

+ The censored scene for the Europe version!

+ It is a licensed game that doesn’t suck!


– The gameplay could get bland at times using the same attacks!

– The camera sometimes doesn’t follow you the right way (which is okay in the TV series, but not in a video game)

– Anal probe is censored in Europe (I am looking at you Ubisoft!)

– If you don’t like South Park, this won’t magically make you get into it! (you need to be a fan to love this game!)

Overall: So lets see, it is an amazing licensed game (probably the best licensed game after the Batman: Arkham series, and is as funny as the TV series. The gameplay is great but could get repetitive at times. The humor is at times just disgusting and we love that fact. So before I give you the score, let me tell you a secret … GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME! 

Score: 9/10 (Amazing)


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