F**K YOU FOX NEWS: Dark Souls is SATANIC?! (causes Racism and School Shootings!)


Let me start off with saying that Fox news is known for being the stupidest, most idiotic, and most untrustable news network out there. Today they have came out and said that Dark Souls was the Craigslist Killer, Miranda Barbour’s favorite video game. She was also a part of a satanic group. Okay, now lets get to the good part, teaching logic to Fox News. Just because a serial killer’s favorite game was Dark Souls it doesn’t mean that Dark Souls causes people to kill. And only because a serial killer is a satanist and loves Dark Souls, doesn’t mean that Dark Souls is a Satanic game! That makes sense, for example, just because a group of christians play Halo, it doesn’t mean that Halo is a christian game. Now that we tried to give this fellow analyst who calls Dark Souls a chance, and see why he thinks Dark Souls affected the Craigslist Killer, Miranda, to do these killings. Let’s see what was his reasoning;

[segment begins]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Now that we’ve uncovered that this game Dark Soul is the reason for the Craigslist killing, what else has this game done to our society?

Steve Doocy: It’s a good question because for so many years, we never knew this game existed. Now that we do, it seems like the perfect answer as to why video games are ruining America.

Brian Kilmeade: Well, look closely at the title. It has dark right in the name. Clearly this game has some racial overtones that probably has inspired a lot of video game playing racists. It really speaks to how out of touch gamers truly are.

Doocy: Video games like this one is exactly why racism is alive today in America.

Hasselbeck: Again, it’s another Japanese-made video game trying to pollute the minds of young Americans. It just shows how everyone wants to undermine America in any way possible.

Kilmeade: That is a very good point.

Hasselbeck: Thank you. I know.

Doocy: To reiterate, I have not heard of this game until a few minutes ago, but this looks like Grand Theft Auto times a million from what I can tell. We have to give some credit to Grand Theft Auto because despite it promoting violence, it never promoted cult violence.

Hasselbeck: Cult racism, cult violence, it never ends with these video games. We all thought Mario was fun and games until Mario became a dark soul and started killing people.

Kilmeade: Now look here.

[Kilmeade gestures to footage from the game]

Kilmeade: Apparently, you are able to invade other people’s games and kill them. You essentially kill people in a place that is supposed to be safe. This sounds a lot like a school shooting, does it not?

Doocy: I know children love these video games, but they’re too young to understand what’s going on so I don’t blame them. Then all of a sudden, some gamer comes in with a weapon and kills them. Yes, it sounds exactly like a school shooting and it has probably inspired all of these shootings that we hear about.

Hasselbeck: They get that first virtual taste and then they go after the real thing. It’s so sad how many lives were taken because of this Dark game. Shame on the creators.

Kilmeade: It’s unfortunate that these sick people are all in Japan. There’s no international law that will get them, right?

Doocy: I think we need to do some more research.

Hasselbeck: So tell us your thoughts on Dark Soul. Should the creators face the death penalty for making this game?

He then continued, that Dark Souls causes racism and is the reason of many school shootings. This is something that we have heard lots of times about games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, huge blockbuster games that involve killing human beings, however, Dark Souls falls in neither of those categories. Dark Souls has a much smaller fan base, and there is no killing of a human being involved in the game, because your enemies are all monsters and zombies of sort. So, the school shooting part doesn’t make sense, because first of all there is no gun in this game (it is all swords!) and second, there is no human to kill (all monsters). He also said that Dark Souls causes racism, but why? Why in the world would Dark Souls cause racism? There is no sense in his words. You know what I think FOX NEWS is trying to do? Cover up the fact that the killer was a complete psychopath and blame it on the video game. Unless she died in the game multiple times and got so pissed off that she became a serial killer! (Complete Sarcasm intended!).

This was my small rant about these idiot analysts that go against video games and say that they cause all the bad things in the world! However, what do you think on this subject? Do you think video games can make someone kill another person or not? CAST YOUR VOTE BELOW!


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