What happened to Watch Dogs? (Are the graphics downgraded?)


When it was announced that Watch Dogs will be delayed, many were upset, but others were happy that if the game was delayed, more details could go into it by the developers. However, it doesn’t look as if that is the case, with the revealed gameplay graphics looking rather ugly and horrific compared to last year’s E3 reveal. What has been improved then? everything feels downgraded and disappointing at this point. The game used to be the most hyped next gen game, with the delay the hype went down, but some still were anticipating in it, and now the hype is just gone! Would this mean that we can not trust Ubisoft on graphic demoes? Does that mean that The Division will not look as fantastic as it was promised? There are many unanswered questions regarding this issue! Now, judge it yourself, look at the gifs below showing the E3 2013 reveal demo and March 2014’s demo.

Left is the E3 2013 demo

Right is March 2014’s demo

WatchDogs_faces2_E3 2012WatchDogs_faces1_E3 2012. . . .WatchDogs_faces2_newWatchDogs_faces1_new

In the photos above you could see how much less detailed and uglier the faces have become. The face of the main character has changed a lot too, from looking like a serious and strong man to a rather insecure and old man.

WatchDogs bullet mode_E3 2012. . . . . . . .WatchDogs bullet mode_June 2013

The slow motion shooting moments (or the bullet times) are also dumbed down with the graphics looking significantly worse than what was shown last year.

WatchDogs anamorphic les flares off_new. . . . . . . .WatchDogs anamorphic les flares on_E3 2012

The city also feels lifeless, with the cars looking like GTA V cars. Watch Dogs has gone up to become a horrible disappointment (at least in the area of graphics).


This one has to be a joke, look at the details, look at the light, look at the buildings! It looks as if we are comparing the last gen and current gen version, but no these are both current gen versions. The one with the red car looks beautiful and is what we were promised, but the orange car, is just ugly, it looks worse than GTA V’s graphics on PS3 and Xbox 360!


The surroundings and the character’s clothing moved and looked very realistic, the ground was also extremely realistic looking with shadows and sunshine. The wind blowing actually looks beautiful and the whole surrounding is full of beautiful textures … in the 2012 version. The 2014 version has ugly looking characters (looks like Half Life 2, a decade old game), and the surroundings are less textures, the shadows are not very realistic and everything looks just like an Xbox 360 or PS3 game.

And then there is these two videos, the first video is the demo at E3 and the second one is March 2014’s demo! This is just unacceptable!



Are you still hyped for Watchdogs? Cast your vote below!


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