Dark Souls 2 Quick Review!


Believe it or not, another game came out exactly the same day that Titanfall had its incredible launch for Xbox One and PC, and that game could be a very amazing competitor. Yes, Dark Souls 2 is a great competitor for the perfectly crafted, insanely fun, and revolutionary Titanfall (You could see my review here). I kind of spoiled that Dark Souls 2 is awesome, but how awesome is it?


+ You buy the game and enter it with a big smile on your face …

+ … then five minutes later, you die, and your smile is gone, tears filling your face!

+ EXTREMELY HARD!!! (But still mostly fair)

+ I mean seriously, this game is amazingly hard, even harder than the first one (I didn’t even know that was possible!), but it is still mostly fair, making you use different tactics to win!

+ The gameplay mechanics are as perfect as the other games in the Souls franchise

+ You need tactics to win the game, which makes the game insanely smart

+ The story is very badass!

+ The graphics are beautiful!

+ The character choices are wider and more awesome this time around

+ The enemies’ Ai is very smart, and they are incredibly hard to kill


+ Enemy design

+ Incredible atmosphere

+ Incredible Multiplayer

+ Death is not your loss, it is another step towards your victory



– Glitchy at times

– Annoying and idiotic death penalties

– A few bosses are a bit unfair (just a few)

– Controls take a long time of getting used to

– Could make you give up the game completely if you are a casual gamer

– Graphical downgrades at some points of the game

Overall: Dark Souls 2 is a fantastic successor to the original Dark Souls, being a little better than what we expected, and way harder than we could ever imagine. This game will have a smaller audience, with most hardcore gamers playing this game, and it makes sense because casual gamers will give up on this game in the matter of seconds. Dark Souls 2 is a fantastic successor, and we love it … and hate it at the same time. 

Score: 9.7/10 (Masterpiece)


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