Infamous Second Son Quick Review! (First Review from early copy!)


I finally received the much anticipated Playstation 4 exclusive Infamous Second Son, and I played through it … so lets review this much anticipated Exclusive, and see if it is as fantastic as the fans are expecting it to be. This is Quick Review, a review full of bullet points of the positive and negative aspects of the game.


+ The game’s gameplay is very similar to the older installments, but improved.

+ The game looks gorgeous, however, it is still not as good looking as Ryse: Son of Rome or Killzone: Shadowfall.

+ Destroying the destructible areas of the city are extremely satisfying

+ Messing around the open world is extremely fun

+ The enemy Ai is very smart, which could make the game challenging at times

+ The story is not fantastic, but it is good enough. It is kind of cliched in the sense of what you would expect from the story.

+ Morality meter of the game which lets you choose to be either evil or good, is a good follow up from the previous Infamous games, and it works nearly the same (with some few tweaks).

+ The story changes based on your choices of being evil or good, however, the changes are at times stereotypical and extremely over the top (Similar to the previous infamous games, or Fable games).

+ Good soundtrack, and fantastic voice acting!

+ Great Character design

+ The design of Seattle, Washington looks incredible

+ The game’s length is a rather lengthy 10 to 15 hours of gameplay

+ Makes good use of PS4 controller’s so called “gimmicks” (Touchpad and speaker)

+ It is very fun and familiar to run on walls (just like Saints Row 4 and Prototype). This is a great new addition to the game, keeping the speed consistent …


– … However, this reduces the focus of the parkour feeling of the previous Infamous games (similar to Assassin’s creed and Uncharted)

– The game is at times overly flashy, trying to show off the graphics, but hurting eyes badly and getting the focus of the player away from your enemy

– The city feels empty at most times, which is exactly the opposite of what the other Infamous games’ city felt like.

– The endings of the good and evil are very stereotypical and cliched

– The story could’ve been vastly better (Don’t want to spoil, so not details here)

– The main character is extremely similar to the new Dante in the DMC: Devil May Cry game. By saying this, I mean that the character is unlikeable, and comes out to be a hipster douche at times. Cole was a fantastic character, and his replacement is rather disappointing.

– Absence of Boss Battles is kind of a step back for Sucker Punch, as we saw fantastic and unique looking bosses in the older infamous games

– The enemies mostly look the same, and their designs are rather simple minded

– Most powers are exactly the same super powers from the first and second Infamous game, with minor changes

– The combat and game could get repetitive at times, however, this is not a huge negative, knowing that most open world games, tend to get repetitive very fast.


(picture of inside Infamous Second Son’s box art)

Overall: Infamous Second Son is a very solid entry into the Infamous game franchise, however, the game has still not been as great as the first Infamous game which was rather phenomenal. The gameplay is great, repetitive at times, but still fun. Messing around in the open world is fun, but could get frustrating and tiresome at times. The graphics are fantastic, but again, the city feels very empty at times. The story is very cliched and stereotypical, and not nearly as good as the first Infamous’s story. The characters are well designed, and the voice acting is pitch perfect, however the main character is extremely obnoxious and annoying. Infamous Second Son is a great game, not a masterpiece, but nothing close to bad … Infamous Second Son gets the score of …

ArinaBorina Score: 7.8/10 (Great)


20 thoughts on “Infamous Second Son Quick Review! (First Review from early copy!)

  1. Looks good! However I find it kinda of contradictory how you said
    “The enemies mostly look the same, and are very simple minded”
    to: “The enemy AI is very smart..”

    Being simple minded and being smart are two different things. I’m not sure how they could be both

  2. No offence here, but back in Feb, in your March predictions, you predicted that this game would get a 79 metascore. Now surprise, surprise you give it a score of 78 (7.8). Doesn’t that seem a bit disingenuous?

    • My prediction was for the metascore, so we still have to wait, the game came out to be exactly like what I predicted though. We have to see if it gets a 79 in metacritic or not. 🙂

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