Sony and Playstation Fanboys attack Titanfall’s score!


User score on Metacritic and Amazon used to be a reliable source for people to see what other people think about a video game, versus the critics’ opinion, however the user score became abused from the start of the 8th generation of consoles. The fanboy war between both sides is idiotically wild, and it is funny how some rather idiotic fans or fanboys of both brands, check out their competitor’s game and thrash it. This madness started from the launch of both consoles, and followed until now, with fanboys giving their own games a 10 and their competitor’s games a 0. This has became a trend, with these overly dedicated fans trying to attack every game from their competitor (games that they pretend to not care about). Titanfall is one of the victims this week, getting attacked by hundreds of playstation fanboys, which have given the game a score lower than 5, and that is the only game they have reviewed or rated on their account. Titanfall is still standing strong with an okay rating of 6 out of 10, however, that is not really what the fans think of the game. The game has been praised by both critics and the community, and it is really the playstation fanboys who are giving it horrible reviews to defend their own purchase. This friday Infamous Second Son which is an essential PS4 exclusive is coming out, and there is probably going to be the same reaction to that title. This shows obscurity and fear of those dedicated fans, and this should stop. This is an act of misery from the fanboys, and it should stop. THIS ACTION NEEDS TO STOP!


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