XBOX ONE Dominated Global Sales Last Week (March 8th-15th)


VGchartz has just reported hardware sales figure of last week, and Xbox One has clearly dominated every other console. This sales boost is most likely because of the launch and limited edition bundle of Titanfall, which was essentially the most anticipated game of 2014, and is highly praised by the critics. Xbox One has sold amazingly compared to Playstation 4 and Wii U which are the system’s main competitors at the point. To give you an understanding of how good Xbox One has sold, we will compare the sale numbers from all regions given from the credible source of VGchartz.


Xbox One has sold 113,549 copies in North America, compared to 50,705 copies of PS4 and 17,190 copies sold of Wii U in the same region. Xbox One has also increased sales significantly in Europe, however, it still hasn’t managed to beat PS4. That is probably because the Playstation 4 is in more regions in Europe than Xbox One is at this point (Xbox One is in 13 regions, and PS4 in 54 regions globally). Xbox One has sold 30,245 copies sold in Europe compared to its competitors PS4 selling 36,978 copies and Wii U selling 9,145 copies in Europe. Playstation 4 and Wii U also have the advantage of being in Japan (their home country), and they have sold many copies in Japan, when Xbox One is still not available in Japan, and more importantly, is not a Japanese product. Playstation 4 has sold 29,734 copies and Wii U has sold 7,524 copies in Japan. However, this regional problem of the Xbox One is set to be mostly fixed at around September 2014.

However, we all know that sales figure are just to keep up the competition and do not matter. 

Also, please vote in the poll below for us to see who has purchased which Next-gen console, so that we would get more familiar with our fellow readers. Thank you for reading.


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