April Game Score Predictions! (Best game of April 2014!)


March was a fantastic month for gaming, and probably, one of the most anticipated months for gaming in the entire year of 2014. However, April, is a much slower and less important month for gaming, with a few anticipated games, coming out this month. So, I actually had to look into this for a few days and find out about which games are coming out this month. So I started researching and thinking about the scores of the games in April 2014, and I am pretty happy with my predictions.

IMPORTANT: To earn trust in my predictions for April 2014 games, you could see March 2014 game predictions by clicking right here. Nearly all March game score predictions were relevantly right on the mark!

Also, please cast your vote below and tell me which game do you think will be the best game of April 2014!

#11: The Amazing Spiderman 2


Spiderman 2 was the best spiderman game and one of the best super hero games of its time. It was a fantastic open world game, in which you didn’t shoot and run over people with your cars, but actually helped and rescued them, flying over the city with your spider webs. Why am I talking about Spiderman 2? Well, because this is The Amazing Spiderman 2: The video game. I know … it sounds silly … but that is probably the only reason I want this game to be good. I am hoping that something would happen. Some magic with the number 2, which would make this game as good as Spiderman 2. However, I personally think that the days of great spiderman games are over, and we are going to get the same mediocre Spiderman game that we got last time, The Amazing Spiderman: The Video Game, which was mediocre at best.

Metascore Prediction: 67 out of 100 (Okay)

#10: Goat Simulator


We all know that this game is going to be fantastic. Full of glitches and bugs, broken gameplay mechanics, and everything that we wanted from a game like Goat Simulator. I would want this game to get a Metascore of 100 (this game is GOATY y’all), however, the game is going to get attacked by the critcs. The game will probably get a mediocre score because most critics won’t understand that this game is just made for fun, and will question the glitches and broken gameplay mechanics which are supposed to make the game all more entertaining. This is going to be an insanely fun game, however, the critics won’t understand the purpose of the game, so the game will probably get a mediocre score. However, don’t let the critics change your opinion about the game. This game looks all kind of awesome!

Metascore Prediction: 69 out of 100 (Okay)

#9: Daylight


The horror game that is going to frighten us away on our PC and PS4 systems is coming this month, and we really haven’t seen much of the game. The game looks like a cool horror game, but nothing like Outlast or anything. If I had to guess its score, I would say that the game would probably get a pretty fair score, because the game looks promising, but doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Again this is all my prediction, and because the gameplay videos and trailers looked shallow, I am guessing that the game would be treated with fairly good scores.

Metascore Prediction: 70 out of 100 (Good)

#8: Lego Hobbit: The Video Game


Lego games are fantastic. They are really amazing. And most of them are mostly based on a huge universe with many loved characters and a near open world lego universe. However, this game contradicts my entire last sentence. Hobbit is a pretty good world to work in, but it is just too similar to the lord of the rings, and its world is entirely smaller from the Lord of the rings, which also had a great Lego video game. Lord of the rings had some great characters too, while Lego Hobbit is lacking on the amount of characters. This is why I think Lego Hobbit: Video Game would be a very good game, but not a great game.

Metascore Prediction: 75 out of 100 (Very Good)

#7: Kinect Sports Rivals


I am actually interested in the new Kinect, or Kinect 2.0, and am looking forward to Kinect Sports Rivals. Why you ask? Well, I actually enjoyed Kinect Sports on Xbox 360, and thought that the game was very fun. Now that the new Kinect is so much better, I am looking forward to this game, and would love for it to get a fantastic score, however, I think that the game would get a good score, but nothing fantastic. This is not just me babbling, I am predicting this based upon the last Kinect Sports games which got a metascore of 69 and 73. I am saying again that I would love for Kinect Sports Rivals to get a great score, however, I think that it would probably get a very good score, rather than the great I am expecting. After all, it is a Kinect game, and Kinect doesn’t have the most shining history between gaming devices.

Metascore Prediction: 77 out of 100 (Very good)

#6: Titanfall (Xbox 360 Version)


Titanfall was a fantastic game, being praised by all critics and players, and it is easily my favorite game of this year till now. However, the xbox 360 port is not looking too good. It looks as if the Xbox One and PC versions are incredibly superior, considering that those versions are made directly by Respawn, but the 360 version is made by Blueprint studious. I think that the xbox 360 version of Titanfall will be a very good game, but because of the game being so great on Xbox One and PC, the xbox 360 version will get lower scores by the critics.

Metascore Prediction: 79 out of 100 (Very Good)

#5: Elder Scrolls Online (PC Version)


Elder Scrolls Online was one of my most anticipated games of 2014, until they announced the $15 a month fee which is idiotic for a game that we already have to pay $60 for. The game doesn’t look too different from Elder Scrolls: Skyrim either. It is basically, a more polished skyrim (graphic wise) which is at its core, an MMO game instead of a RPG game. Elder Scrolls Online looks good and fun, but the fee will be extremely criticized, making the game get a lower score than any other Elder Scrolls game. It would still get a great score, however, the score will not be as good as any other Elder Scrolls’ game scores.

Metascore Prediction: 80 out of 100 (Great) 

#4: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn (PS4 Version)


Ah yes. The Final Fantasy XIV. The game that was so horrible, that they needed to reboot the whole thing all over again and call it a reborn. However, the reborn was actually a pretty good game. Not exactly a great Final Fantasy game, but a fun good game. I enjoyed the game on PC, and the game was pretty good on PS3, however, now that the game is going to come to PS4, I feel as the game is going to get closer to the PC version, which was great. So I feel as the game will get a Metascore between the PC (83) version’s score and the PS3 version’s score (79).

Metascore Prediction: 81 out of 100



Let me come right out and confess. I am not a baseball fan. I have never been a baseball fan, and even though I own MLB THE SHOW 13, I played it once and stopped playing it, because I didn’t know any of the rules of baseball games. So I don’t really have a huge technical opinion on the game. However, I can predict the game’s Metascore, based on the other MLB THE SHOW Metascores. So, based on the other Metascores of the MLB THE SHOW games, I got a pretty good prediction of the Metascore for MLB THE SHOW 14.

Metascore Prediction: 85 out of 10 (Great)

#2: Dark Souls 2 (PC version)


Dark Souls 2 was a fantastic game, but the game always gets praised more on the consoles, with the PC version getting a lower score. For example, Dark Souls had got a Metascore of 89 on Xbox 360 and PS3, however, it got a Metascore of 85 on PC. This is the only way I am predicting this score, there is not much more to it.

Metascore Prediction: 87 out of 100 (Great)

#1: Trials Fusion


One of my favorite Xbox Live Arcade games of the last generation was easily Trials Evolution. Trials was easily the Dark Souls of the racing games, with the game being extremely difficult and requiring skill and luck at the same time. The game was fantastic and it was both acclaimed by the critics and the players. To this day, I still go back and power up my Xbox 360, playing Trials Evolution and having a lot of fun, playing competitively against my friends. That game was a complete masterpiece, and now, Trials Fusion is coming exclusively to next-gen consoles and PC, the only difference about the game is that the game is set in the future with your character being a robot. The game looks as fun and as creative as ever, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the controller and enjoy crippling my idiot character.

Metascore Prediction: 90 out of 100 (Amazing)



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    • I had never heard of that game in my life. I actually thought what you said was some kind of a joke, but I looked it up and the game actually exists. Interesting!

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