Top 5 Best PS4 Exclusives Right Now!


PS4 has been out for more than 4 months at this point, and it has had a fair share of good and bad games. However, many people are just starting to buy their next-gen consoles, and if their next-gen console of choice is PS4, these exclusive games are probably the ones they should purchase in order to enjoy their console from the first day. Out of the few exclusives on the PS4 platform, we found the best games for future PS4 adopters, or already PS4 adopters who are looking for a new game on their next-gen console.

IMPORTANT: These are not the best games on PS4, but the best exclusives on the PS4 platform. Games that are only on PC and PS4 also count!

#5: Killzone: Shadow Fall


Killzone Shadow Fall is easily the third best looking next-gen game at the time, with the second best looking game being Infamous Second Son, and the best looking game of next-gen being Ryse: Son of Rome, in my humble opinion (Also, Forza 5 looks stunning, but doesn’t really count because there are no characters in it). However, there isn’t much more to the game. The story is interesting at first, but bland as a whole, and the gameplay is just another generic First Person Shooter gameplay. I remember that at a time, Killzone used to be a unique and fantastic game (Killzone 2), however, the game is a very good generic FPS shooter. Why is it on the list then? Well, there are not many games on the PS4 at this point, especially not many AAA titles. So, Killzone Shadow Fall is a good AAA exclusive and it has fantastic graphics showcasing the PS4’s hardware. The game is also interesting enough if you like First Person Shooters.

#4: Outlast


Outlast was one of those games which was hyped to be extremely scary, and it actually lived up to the hype. The game had a fantastic launch on PC in 2013, and in early 2014, the game launched on PS4, free of charge for PS+ members at the time. At this point, however, the game is not free to PS+ members anymore, but is on Playstation store for the reasonable price of $20. If you don’t have any heart problems, or don’t have a history of wetting the bed, then just go and buy the game, it is a fantastic game. I would actually recommend you to play the game with lights off, putting a sound blocker headphones on your ear and scare the s**t out of yourself!

#3: Flower


Flower was released on PS3 in February 2009, and the game was highly praised by the critics, however when the game was ported to PS4 as a launch exclusive, the game was better than ever. The graphics looked fantastic, running on the PS4 engines. So, if you haven’t experienced Flower on PS3, (even if you have), you should purchase the game and go through the short but great experience that this game brings.



Resogun is a fantastic, and extremely addictive downloadable game on the Playstation network. The game was and is also free to PS+ subscribers. Sitting down on the couch and playing this addictive game is one of the greatest experiences you will have with your PS4. The game is easy to get into, and unique in many levels. So be sure to purchase the game, or if you are a PS+ member, get the game for free.

#1: Infamous: Second Son

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Infamous Second Son didn’t have the great story or characters of Infamous 1 or 2, however, the game was very fun. The graphics were also fantastic, the second best looking game on next-gen in my opinion, with the best looking next-gen game being Ryse: Son of Rome. The game also uses the so called “gimmicks” of the PS4 controller. The powers are also very satisfying, even though they are fairly similar to the super powers in Infamous 1 and 2. This is the best AAA title available on the PS4 at the time, and also the best game available on the PS4. So if you are purchasing a PS4, be sure to pick up this game with it.

Do you agree with my list or do you disagree? Vote below and let me know!



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best PS4 Exclusives Right Now!

    • I agree. Both are great games, and the addictive feel to the resogun always keeps you getting back into it. However, I thought that the graphics, sound design, and everything that went into Infamous was extremely professional, that is why it is my number 1. 🙂

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