Top 7 Best Exclusive Xbox One Games Right Now!


Xbox One has been out for more than four months, and it has had its share of good and bad games. However, many people are just starting to buy their next-gen consoles, and if their next-gen console of choice is the Xbox One, these exclusive games are probably the ones they should purchase in order to enjoy their console from the first day. Out of the exclusives on the Xbox One platform, we found the best games for future Xbox One adopters, or already Xbox One adopters who are looking to purchase a new game on their next-gen console.

IMPORTANT: These are not the best games on Xbox One, but the best exclusives on the Xbox One platform. Games that are only on PC and Xbox One, and timed exclusive games also count!

#7: Peggle 2


Before you say anything about the exclusivity of this game … I know that this game is a timed exclusive to the xbox one. However, I count timed exclusive games on these lists. Now lets get into why this game is on the list, well, the game is one of the most fun and addictive downloadable games next to RESOGUN on PS4. The gameplay is also fluid and fun, and the art style is extremely delighting. If you don’t know what Peggle is, let me explain. There is a ball and you need to shoot it in a certain direction to hit the other balls in the field. Sound too simple? Well it is, but that simplicity brings a complex enjoyment to the game. The game is on the Xbox Game store for $12, and it is worth every penny, trust me, when you play the game and see the little cute characters, you will be hooked until the end.

#6: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare


What happens when you turn a tower defense strategy game into an online third person shooter? You make one of the most delightful and fun third person shooter on the next-gen consoles. This game is extremely fun, with both the plants and zombies having great classes to choose from. The game has fun competitive multiplayer modes, while it gets new modes for free. However, the best part of the game is the cooperative multiplayer mode, Garden Ops, which is basically the Horde mode with plants against ten waves of zombies. This game is a very good shooter, and a fantastic shooter game to play with your family and friends.

#5: Ryse: Son of Rome


Ryse: Son of Rome is easily the most underrated game on any next-gen console, and even the most underrated game of year 2013 (You could see my top 10 list of most underrated games of 2013 here). Ryse: Son of Rome is easily the most beautiful game on any next-gen console (with Infamous: Second Son being the second, and Killzone: Shadowfall being the third best looking game on next-gen consoles), however that is not the only great quality of Ryse: Son of Rome. Ryse has a fantastic and engaging story, with amazing characters and an incredibly epic ending. The combat is also similar to the Assassin’s Creed and Batman Arkham game, even though it has the same repetitive and quick time problems of those games, it is still enjoyable to slice and slash people and then cut their head, hands, and feet off. The game is incredibly gory, but it is satisfying to see your enemies’ hands and feet get cut off after what they do to you and your family. The sense of revenge in this game is fantastic, and that is only because the story of the game is both touching and engaging. The game also has one of the best motion captures in any video game. If you own an Xbox One or are planning to purchase one, you owe yourself to purchase this game!

#4: Dead Rising 3


I personally like Ryse: Son of Rome a little more than Dead Rising 3, so you may ask why Dead Rising 3 is above Ryse: Son of Rome. Does it have better graphics than Ryse? No, the graphics are good, and it is impressive how there could be hundreds of zombies on the same screen, however there are frame rate issues through out the game. Does it have a deeper and more meaningful story than Ryse? No, not at all. In fact, the story is very stupid, and it is supposed to be stupid. The reason why Dead Rising 3 is above Ryse: Son of Rome is because Dead Rising 3 is an insanely fun and stupid game, and it is exactly what we want it to be, stupid, over the top, hilarious, and fun. Killing the zombies with hundreds of crazy weapons, going against Psychos (or bosses of the game) and killing them with creative techniques, and running over a friend online with your car and making him frustrated, are just a few ways to have a complete blast with this game. You could even dress like a hooker and go kill zombies, stupid, but funny! This game is not supposed to be taken seriously by anyone. This isn’t The Last of Us, it is Dead Rising 3, a game that is extremely over the top and insanely fun to play!

#3: Killer Instinct


One of the most iconic and awesome fighting games, Killer Instinct is finally back, and it is better than ever. First of all, I have to clarify that this game is free if you wouldn’t mind to play with one certain character every week (it rotates), however if you pay an extremely reasonable price of $20, you will get the entire first season of Killer Instinct with 8 fantastic characters. The game does lack some modes at the moment, however the next update of the game coming this April will add many new modes and Fulgore (the 8th character). The game is great and it has one of the most fluid fighting mechanics among any fighting game out there. So if you own an Xbox One or are planning to get one in the future, be sure to try the free version of Killer Instinct and if you liked it, pay $20 for the entire first season!

#2: Forza Motorsport 5


Forza 5 Motorsport is one of the most beautiful games out there. The game is easily the best looking racing game out there, and it is easily the best racing simulator in the market. The game looks fantastic, plays fantastic, and is easily one of the greatest games that I have played. I have spent countless hours, racing every league and trying to get the gold medal in each one of them. Some people have been saying that the micro-transaction system of the game is bad, and even though it is bad, you can play through the whole game without once spending a dime, just like me. I unlocked every single car by playing through the whole game in two months. Also, google “Forza rewards”, it gives you a lot of in-game credits for you to buy cars. I gave this game a ten out of ten in my review, and loved it, just like many other people (Adam Sessler, Eurogamer Germany, etc.). Now, let me tell you a secret, I am not a fan of racing games. So, even if you don’t like racing games, you will still find this game to be great and have a lot of fun with it. I insanely encourage you to purchase this game for your Xbox One.

#1: Titanfall

titan4 (1)

Titanfall is a one of a kind game. It revolutionizes multiplayer, is one of the only first person shooters that is unique, and it is extremely fun to play. Me and my friends spend hours upon hours playing this game online and having the time of our life. The gameplay mechanics of this game are extremely satisfying and smooth. Wall running and parkour are also masterfully done, with you learning it in a matter of seconds and wall running as if you were a traceur (someone who does parkour) your whole life. Going into your titan is also fantastic, and it feels completely different than what you experience, being a pilot. The Ai of the game is stupid, however it is supposed to be stupid. Why you ask? Well, the game is extremely insane with only twelve players, some in their titan, some on foot, so if the Ai was smart, the game would become really hard, and sometimes you could never get a single kill. This game is a fantastic game, one of the best first person shooter games of all time, and easily the best first person shooter on next-gen consoles. If you own an xbox one, you need to purchase this game. There is no way around that. This game is a must have!

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