Fifa 14 Quick Review!

Fifa 14 is probably the worst Fifa game to date, on next-gen consoles. In order to make the reflexes and movements realistic, EA has made the players move like a bunch of idiots flailing around the place like a bunch of amateurs. The difficulty meter is completely broken and non existent. The ball is extremely bouncy and never stays at the same place. The biggest enemy in Fifa 14 is the ball as if its a bird that wants to fly away. Fifa 14 is basically soccer ball on steroids: the game! The online is also broken, completely throwing you out of the games, most of the time, when you win! Do not buy Fifa 14 as it is the worst Fifa game to date, instead, you have a much better choice, Fifa World Cup Brazil which is sadly only on last-gen consoles, but trust me, it is a better investment than Fifa 14, on next-gen consoles.

You might ask why I reviewed such an old game, and that is because I wanted to get into the feeling of the Fifa world cup 2014, however, this game makes you less excited for that event, making you feel like every team is retarded if you invest on them. 

This explains why Fifa has had horrible reviews all around the internet from the users!Image 

ArinaBorina Score: 2/10 (Trash)


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